And finally, the admin. Those of you who have already implemented an administration page under WordPress will greatly appreciate the simplicity provided by the Sukellos Admin Builder plugin, which is part of the Sukellos Fw… and which is moreover the most powerful part of it. This admin relieves you of all the tedious part, and will seem disconcertingly simple. That’s what you could call magic ;)

The admin class WP_Sukellos_Basic_Plugin_Admin extends the WP_Plugin_Admin parent class. WP_Plugin_Admin is an abstract class, that will manage the Admin Builder integration, and force the implementation of only 2 methods :

  • admin_enqueue_scripts() that can be used to register some CSS or JS files, but it’s optional
  • create_fields() which contains the instructions for creating the admin page, its content, and especially all its fields (options).
Sukellos Fw installation

In this basic plugin, the admin page contains only simple content.

In a more advanced plugin, you could create and all types of options, user_meta, post_meta, AJAX actions, CSS automation… allowing you all the fields you need, as simply as possible, thanks to the power of the Admin Builder.

The use of this plugin is detailed in a dedicated tutorial