The following screenshot shows you the structure of this plugin.

Sukellos Admin Builder Examples

The Admin Builder Examples is located under a directory named wp-sukellos-admin-builder-examples.

Its main file is therefore logically named wp-sukellos-admin-builder-examples.php, containing our first class, called WP_Sukellos_Admin_Builder_Examples_Loader, whose responsibility is the loading of the plugin and its administration:

  • WP_Sukellos_Admin_Builder_Examples, which is the plugin class, located in class-wp-sukellos-admin-builder-examples.php
  • WP_Sukellos_Admin_Builder_Examples_Admin, which is the main admin plugin class, located in class-wp-sukellos-admin-builder-examples-admin.php
Sukellos Admin Builder Examples installation

The examples have been divided into several classes

  • class-wp-sukellos-admin-builder-examples-admin.php: admin page with Content example, in a main WordPress Dashboard menu Sukellos – Admin Builder Examples
  • class-admin-ajax.php: AJAX button example, in submenu AJAX
  • class-admin-content-hooks.php: list of all supported hooks, actions and filter, in submenu Hooks
  • class-admin-notabs-groups.php: Groups examples, in submenu Groups
  • class-admin-notabs.php: admin page with a lot of fields (options) examples, in submenu No tabs
  • class-admin-withtabs.php: admin pages designed with tabs, with a lot of other fields (options) examples, in submenu With tabs

Examples other than admin pages are divided in two other classes:

  • class-admin-meta-box.php: Metabox example, whose result is visible in the Pages section
  • class-admin-user-profile.php: User profile examples, whose result is visible in Users section