A Code field can be inserted in:

  • an Admin Page, as an option or a user_meta
  • a User Profile, as a user_meta
  • a Metabox, as a post_meta
Sukellos Admin Builder

The code below is used to generate this section in an Admin Page, for an option:

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A Code inherit from a Field, and an Item, then all settings described in Field Settings and Item Settings are also used.

Specific settings for Code:

Code Settings Description
string / Default: ‘css’
The language used for syntax highlighting for this option.
Supported languages: css, html, javascript, json, less, lua, markdown, mysql, php, plain_text, python, ruby, sass, scss, sh, text, xml
But only css and scss are compiled and used in website
string / Default: ‘chrome’
The color theme used in the option.
Supported themes: ambiance, chaos, chrome, clouds_midnight, clouds, cobalt, crimson_editor, dawn, dreamweaver, eclipse, github,
idle_fingers, iplastic, katzenmilch, kr_theme, kuroir, merbivore_soft, merbivore, mono_industrial, monokai, pastel_on_dark,
solarized_dark, solarized_light, sqlserver, terminal, textmate, tomorrow_night_blue, tomorrow_night_bright, tomorrow_night_eighties,
tomorrow_night, tomorrow, twilight, vibrant_ink, xcode
int / Default: 200
The height of the editor in pixels.
boolean / Default: true
The inputted code is automatically included in the frontend if the lang parameter is css or javascript.
Setting this to false forces the option to stop including the code in the front end.
This is useful if you want to use the option value in the back end or somewhere else.