A Metabox item add post_meta to a chosen post type, and can be shown in each post type, as Pages for example, as shown in the following screenshot.

Sukellos Admin Builder Examples

The code below is used to generate this section:

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A Metabox inherit from an Item, then all settings described in Item Settings are also used.

Specific settings for Metabox:

Field Settings Description
string | array / Default: ‘page’
Post type, WordPress predefined as ‘page’ or ‘post’, or custom. It can be an array of post types
string / Default: ”
If page template is selected, just will be show on that page
string / Default: ‘normal’
‘normal’, ‘advanced’, or ‘side’
boolean / Default: true
If true, the custom fields box will not be shown
string / Default: ‘high’
‘high’, ‘core’, ‘default’, ‘low’