An Admin Page is a classical administration page displayed in the wordpress dashboard, as shown in the following screenshot.

Sukellos Admin Builder Examples

The code below is used to generate this page:

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An Admin Page inherit from an Item, then all settings described in Item Settings are also used.

Specific settings for Admin Page:

Admin Page Settings Description
int / Default: null
Menu position. Can be used for both top and sub level menus
string / Default: ”
Id of parent, if blank, then this is a top level menu
string / Default: ”
Title displayed on the top of the admin page
string / Default: ‘manage_options’
User capabilities. See
string / Default: ‘dashicons-admin-generic’
Menu icon for top level menus only
boolean / Default: false
Set true to get a tabbed admin page

You can see see below that the id is inserted in CSS id of the main global div of the admin page. This can be useful for applying styles to this page.

Sukellos Admin Builder