A EDD Licensing field can be inserted in an Admin Page only, as an option

Sukellos Admin Builder

The code below is used to generate this section in an Admin Page, for an option:

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An EDD Licensing inherit from a Field, and an Item, then all settings described in Field Settings and Item Settings are also used.

Specific settings for EDD Licensing:

EDD Licensing Settings Description
string / Default: ”
A unique ID for the option used to store the licence validity status.
This option can have following value : “valid” or “invalid” (after activation), “deactivated” or “failed” (after deactivation)
If this param is missing, a ID will be generated, adding ‘_validity’ as suffix at the end of this field ID
string / Default: ”
This is the URL our updater / license checker pings. This should be the URL of the site with EDD installed
string / Default: ”
The download ID for the product in Easy Digital Downloads
string / Default: ”
The name of the product in Easy Digital Downloads
string / Default: ”
The plugin file
This field is mandatory, and must contain the full plugin file, eg wp-sukellos-fw/wp-sukellos-fw.php
This parameter can be set using WP_PLoad->get_plugin_file()
boolean / Default: true
Used to override the WordPress update checker
string / Default: ‘Activate License’
Label for activate button
string / Default: ‘Deactivate License’
Label for deactivate button
boolean / Default: false
If store url is behind a basic htaccess password protection
Attention: update process cannot work using basic authorization, only version check and license activation
string / Default: ”
User name for basic htaccess password protection
string / Default: ”
Password for basic htaccess password protection