Powerful admin pages

Admin Builder is the main feature embedded in Sukellos Framework. It allows you to build powerful and beautiful custom admin pages easily in WordPress Dashboard. No need to worry anymore about implementing an admin HTML form and handling submitted forms…

With Admin Builder:

  • Create an administration page in a few lines of code, with or without tabs,
  • Just focus on your configuration logic,
  • Design High-level architecture,
  • No need for extensive development skills,
  • Create an AJAX request easily.

Expand WordPress options

Admin Builder is a powerful way to manage WordPress options.

All types of fields are present:

  • text,
  • textarea,
  • color picker,
  • date picker,
  • checkbox,
  • enable,
  • select and multiple choices (custom data or WordPress types: users, posts, terms…),
  • upload,
  • number slider,
  • notice,
  • content…

Enrich post types and terms

Take control over custom fields in any type of posts or taxonomy terms:

  •  Easy creation of Metabox,
  • Simple enrichment of any taxonomy term

All the previous standard fields can be used, this time associated with:

  • Any post type, stored as post_meta
  • Any taxonomy term, stored as termmeta

As for options, managing the post_meta and the termmeta is simplified as much as possible. Just a few lines of code are necessary.

Enhance user profiles

User profile can be enhanced by adding the same types of fields that have been used for options.

For these user_meta fields:

  • Visible and editable in their own profiles,
  • Manageable directly in administration pages.

As for options, managing the post_meta and the termmeta is simplified as much as possible. Just a few lines of code are necessary.

Automatic CSS generation. SCSS support.

On the administration pages, options can be processed in CSS automatically. Each field value can be associated dynamically with a CSS. Very elaborated or complex styles can also be generated from the administration page thanks to the magic method create_css, in a simple way.

Admin Builder allows the use of a code-like configuration field, thanks to the inclusion of the Ace project. This control offers an input area that supports the CSS / SCSS format. This field can be automatically generated and included in the WordPress front end.

Fully documented and supported. Lot of examples.

Admin Builder comes with lots of usage examples, and a basic plugin template. This saves you a tremendous amount of time by relying on well-written, reusable, and tested code.

Admin Builder is designed to be used by developers. Many hooks are available to allow full style and behavior customization.

A particular effort has been made to offer you the most complete and precise documentation. I am also at your disposal in case of difficulty.

Easy WordPress plugin development

Admin Builder inherits from Sukellos framework, which was designed to simplify the development of WordPress plugins. It allows you:

  • To overcome all the constraints of integration with WordPress,
  • To focus on your functional logic.

This framework also includes a range of essential features:

  • Admin builder,
  • Logger with configurable level,
  • Ability to disable Gutenberg,
  • Customization of the login page,
  • Choice of image formats used by WordPress,
  • Management of the login and logout pages and of the menu…

The list of supported functions is constantly evolving, according to your needs.

A basic plugin using Sukellos Framework is offered to make your job even easier.

Try WordPress Admin Builder freely

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